Gunstocks are the roots of Dunlap Woodcrafts. From the back of his pick up truck,
Wayne Dunlap begun providing gunstocks in 1975 as a part-time business at every
shot he attended. Originally, these stocks were processed in Wayne’s home basement
in Falls Church, VA. Eventually, the day came when the sawdust was unbearable and
both, sawdust and Wayne, had to go. For a few years, shop space was shared in different
areas of Maryland adjacent to downtown Washington, DC in order for Wayne to go directly
from his full time job to the shop couple nights a week. Finally, in March of 1987
Dunlap Woodcrafts moved to our present location in Chantilly, VA.

The wood that we use to obtain our gunstocks is rigorously submitted to a careful
drying process design for thick woods. When required, we air-dry, then we kiln-dry
to avoid honeycombing (internal checking). This process allows the wood to be stable
an docile during the making of the rifle.

We grade our stocks based on the figure they offer and how figure/curl behaves.
Nonetheless, this task remains very subjective. The higher the number, the higher
the grade. In an effort to provide the best possible and accurate grading, we routinely
check and recheck the grade every time we get to handle a gunstock.

In our shop, we have and trace two universal blank shape gunstocks patterns that
can accommodate 95% of the long rifles. Our Universal #1 blank, features a generous
drop capable of yielding a Rupp or a Bedford county rifle. Our Universal #2 blank
was created to maximize yield and be able to utilize planks (a thick board) that
are not too wide. Hence, our Universal #2 blank is the perfect size blank to build
a Lancaster style rifle. Both stocks can easily fit a 16″ pull, and are typically
provided with a thickness between 2 3/8″ and 2 1/2″.

Curly Maple Rifle Stocks

Grade Description Sugar Maple Red Maple Halfstocks Sugar & Red
1 Straight Grain $160.00 $135.00 $75.00
2 Curl over 30% of Length $140.00 $120.00 $50.00
3 Curl over 75% of Length in an irregular manner $140.00 $120.00 $50.00
4 Curl Full Length, uneven in some areas and/or sides $175.00 $165.00 $70.00
5 Even Curl Full Length. May be shallow in some areas $200.00 $185.00 $90.00
6 Fine Even Curl Full Length $250.00 $225.00 $110.00
7 Exceptionally Fancy Curl or Figure $300.00+ $275.00+ $150.00+

American Black Walnut

Grade Description Fullstock Halfstock
1 Straight Grain $265.00 $150.00
2 Moderate Curl or Burl $285.00 $170.00
3 Good Curl or Burl $300.00 $200.00
4 Exceptionally Fancy Curl or Burl $350.00+ $250.00

Cherry Rifle Stocks

Grade Description Fullstock Halfstock
1 Straight Grain $200.00 $100.00
2 Moderate Curl or Burl $220.00 $120.00
3 Good Curl or Burl $275.00 $150.00
4 Exceptionally Fancy Curl or Burl $300.00 $175.00

White Ash, Rifle Stock Blanks

Grade Description Fullstock Halfstock
1 Straight Grain $150.00 $50.00
2 Moderate Curl or Burl $175.00 $75.00
3 Good Curl or Burl $200.00 $100.00
4 Exceptionally Fancy Curl or Burl $250.00+ $150.00+

English Walnut Rifle Stock Blanks

We try to maintain a constant supply of true English walnut gunstocks in different grades.
We offer full-stocks for Fowlers, Brown Bess, and guns like those. Additionally,
we can also provide half-stocks for single and double barrel shotguns and modern gunstocks in different thickness.
Fancy pistol stocks available too, please inquire with your needs.
We price English walnut based on what it offers.

Note, the nature of English walnut is to have sapwood in abundance.

Stock blanks are available. Each stock is priced individually according to its own qualities.
Due to the nature of heavy sap wood found in English walnut stocks.

Pistol Stock Blanks (No discounts)

Species Type Straight-Grained Moderately-Figured Highly-Figured
Maple Fullstock $20.00 $25.00 $40.00+
Maple Halfstock $15.00 $20.00 $30.00+
Cherry/Ash/Beech Fullstock $20.00 $25.00 $40.00+
Cherry/Ash/Beech Halfstock $15.00 $20.00 $30.00+
American Black Walnut Fullstock $45.00 $55.00 $65.00+
American Black Walnut Halfstock $30.00 $40.00 $50.00+
English Walnut Fullstock $55.00 $65.00 $75.00+
English Walnut Halfstock $40.00 $50.00 $60.00+

Availability Notes

1. All of the above stocks are kiln-dried to between 6 and 8 percent moisture content.

2. For maple stocks, Sugar Maple will be provided upon request when available.

3. Inquire for prices and availability of English and West coast Walnut.

4. All of the above blanks are normally 2 3/8 to slightly more than 2″ inches thick,
with the full stocks taking 42 to 28 inch long barrels with a 15+ inch pull. Limited
quantities of extra thick and/or long blanks are available for an up to 20 percent surcharge for the extra
material. All fullstock pistol blanks will take a minimum of 10 inch barrels unless otherwise requested.
See terms below.

5. All of the above woods are also available for Bench and Buffalo guns, modern
gunstocks, knives, tomahawks, and musical instruments. Please inquire for prices
and availability.

6. Beech and Curley Read Oak can be ordered by special order. Please inquire for prices and availability.

Terms and conditions

1. 10% discount for any three or more rifle blanks bought on the same order.
EXCLUDES: English walnut stocks and pistol blanks.

2. Extra thick and extra long blanks (for 47″ barrel in length or longer) are an additional 20%.

3. We ship via Fedex Ground. Shipping and handling: $50.00 – $75.00 for one stock. Two or more please inquire.