English Fowler Rifle

Back in 1988, at the fall National Muzzleloaders shoot, Wayne Dunlap had one of those fortunate days when the stars
line correctly and everything worked his way. That day, Mr. Dunlap stumbled into a great find. Early in the shoot,
while strolling around commercial row, he managed to lay his eyes on a rare, beautiful and appealing museum quality
English “Bird” gun that features an uncommon 4-5 gauge barrel.

Immediately the thought of offering this gun as a component set became an endeavor. Good sales from the event made it
possible to acquire this British gem of a gun originally built by a lesser-known gun maker, Charles Robins, circa

After twenty years, off and on, of relentless effort, today, Dunlap Woodcrafts offers this component set to our

The English Fowler component set is offered in the following woods: European walnut, American black walnut, and
figured ash, with your choice of brass or iron furniture. Buttplate, trigger guard, trigger, entry pipe, and side
plate furniture are direct casting from the original parts. Other woods will be available on special order

A half-stock with a 37 1/2″ long barrel, 2 7/8″ drop, 13 3/4″ pull, and 1/8″ cast-off
10 and/or 12 gauge exclusive Rice barrel octagon to round featuring a wedding band with uniform outside
dimension that offers interchangeability
Base price for Component Set
American black walnut and figured ash $1,250.00+
European walnut $1,350.00+
  • Prices do not include shipping
  • Tax may be applicable in some parts
  • The price for higher grades will be set on the individual piece of wood

Parts included for each Component Set:

  • Chamber’s early-Ketland lock with pan bridle
  • Barrel under rib
  • Butt-plate
  • Lock and tang screws
  • Cast side plate
  • Entry and ramrod pipes
  • Trigger
  • Trigger plate

Additional parts required for assembly but not provided:

  • Ramrod
  • Sight
  • Touch hole/vent
  • Underlug
  • Wedge key