WD-24 Tomahawk Handle

Dunlap Woodcrafts offers various models of Tomahawk Handles in multiple lengths and species. These handles are turned
from handpicked, kiln dried blanks.

While we try to offer the best selection in a variety of wood species, nature sometimes produces only a limited
supply with character or unique figure. Therefore, when we price each handle, we look at what it offers, grain
alignment, intensity of the figure and its uniformity, as well as how unique it may be.

We grade is as follows: Straight grain, medium grade, high grade and premium grade. Medium grade, high grade and
premium grade each subdivides into 3 or 4 different levels.

We have listened to your demands; we have now gone beyond producing traditional species of woods. Please ask us about
availability of our other species such as purple heart, cocobolo, bucote, English walnut, wenge.

Curly Maple – no hole

Grade Code Price
1 WD-24-CM-01 $12.00
2 WD-24-CM-02 $15.00
3 WD-24-CM-03 $19.00
4 WD-24-CM-04 $25.00
5 WD-24-CM-05 $27.50
6 WD-24-CM-06 $30.00
7 WD-24-CM-07 $35.00
8 WD-24-CM-08 $37.50
9 WD-24-CM-09 $40.00
10 WD-24-CM-10 $45.00
11 WD-24-CM-11 $50.00
12 WD-24-CM-12 $55.00
13 WD-24-CM-13 $60.00

Curly Maple – with hole

Grade Code Price
1 WD-24-CM-H-01 $22.00
2 WD-24-CM-H-02 $25.00
3 WD-24-CM-H-03 $29.00
4 WD-24-CM-H-04 $35.00
5 WD-24-CM-H-05 $37.50
6 WD-24-CM-H-06 $40.00
7 WD-24-CM-H-07 $45.00
8 WD-24-CM-H-08 $47.50
9 WD-24-CM-H-09 $50.00
10 WD-24-CM-H-10 $55.00
11 WD-24-CM-H-11 $60.00
12 WD-24-CM-H-12 $65.00
13 WD-24-CM-H-13 $70.00


  • Check our hawk styles, wood species and sizes inventory
  • Discounts are available for 1 dozen, and 100+ pieces.
  • We offer turned walking cane blanks and knife handle material for custom knives.

Tomahawk Handle FAQ’s

Do you make your Tomahawk Handles from split wood?


Can you make modifications to your pattern?

No. However, if your order is for 50 pieces or more, we can reproduce your own pattern.

How long does it take to produce an order of 50 or more handles?

Four to 12 weeks, depending upon available carving time and wood. If ordering curly maple blanks, we need plenty
lead time and can only offer a mixture of grades. We cannot provide large numbers of premium grade only, it is
prohibited and nature does not produce enough.

Can I request a specific wood to be made into a handle?

Yes, but it takes time.

What species have you used so far to make Tomahawk Handles?

Domestic woods: Hickory, curly and bird’s eye maple; ash, curly ash, curly cherry, Kentucky honey locust, curly
chestnut, osage orange, curly red and white oak; figured English and American walnut.

Imported woods: figured purple-heart, zebra wood, bucote, cocobolo, yellow ash, wenge. Please check for the
availability of other species if desired.